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Updated:Tue, 6 May 2014 10:25:00 AM

Give your customers an advantage by analyzing the care they provide, giving them data they need to make positive changes

The Guideline Advantage™ gives healthcare professionals an advantage by providing an easily accessible format for measuring their quality of care against the latest scientific evidence-based guidelines.

Easy implementation

The Guideline Advantage is designed with compatibility in mind, providing analytic feedback on data points already included in most electronic health record systems. We offer vendors flexibility in transmitting key data points so participation requires no modification of your user interface.

Everyone benefits

Evidence shows that quality improvement programs like The Guideline Advantage result in thousands of lives saved and even more people reaping the benefits of fewer disabling symptoms.  Together, we are giving patients the advantage by treating them with the latest science has to offer and documenting our practices to learn all we can about saving more lives.

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Offer your healthcare professionals a clear advantage! Give them the opportunity to analyze the care they provide, get the data they need and make positive changes. Contact to discuss your next step.