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Updated:Mon, 12 May 2014 11:17:00 AM

A quality advantage for you. A lifesaving advantage for your patients.

You strive to offer your patients every possible advantage for a healthy life. The American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association share your quest. The Guideline Advantage™ is one of the ways we can work together to achieve our common goals.

The advantage of using evidence-based guidelines.

There’s no question that evidence-based treatment guidelines can help improve patient outcomes. The decade-long success of the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines® program clearly demonstrates the value of guidelines-based performance assessment and process improvements to in-hospital quality of care.

The Guideline Advantage seeks to apply the power of evidence-based treatment guidelines in the outpatient setting where it can touch the greatest number of lives.

The advantage of helping patients across the continuum of care.

Because The Guideline Advantage works in the outpatient setting, it reaches the broadest possible spectrum:

  • Helping healthy patients stay healthy through preventive medicine
  • Helping at-risk patients lower their risk through treatment and lifestyle changes
  • Helping patients with chronic conditions manage their health to avoid recurrences and readmission

The advantage of objective feedback on guidelines adherence

Aligning treatment with evidence-based guidelines has been shown to improve patient outcomes. The Guideline Advantage helps outpatient practitioners develop a process for improving quality of care through tracking performance to guidelines and providing actionable feedback.

Feedback is presented in the form of quarterly reports illustrating your practice’s adherence to guidelines based on patient populations. By pinpointing problem areas and opportunities for process improvements, they help your practice optimize the value of evidence-based treatment.

Feedback includes:

  • Identification of you high-risk patient populations
  • Access to tools, resources and best practices to help you take steps toward improving quality of care
  • Benchmarking of guideline adherence among practices, both in your state and nationally

The advantage of technology that doesn't interfere with workflow.

The Guideline Advantage works directly through participating practices’ established electronic health record (EHR) or health technology platform. That means little or no additional data entry, since harvested data elements are already commonly recorded. If your EHR vendor is not already compatible, learn about alternate ways to participate in the How to Participate section of this website.

The advantage of large-scale data harvesting and analysis.

Your data combined with data from the other participating practices across the nation provides the collective power to guide important new research and fuel further efforts toward quality improvements.

The advantage of knowledge-sharing and research participation.

Through The Guideline Advantage, you’ll be invited to network and share quality improvement resources and best practices with fellow participants throughout the nation. Additionally, your practice will have access to CME offerings, webinars, patient education materials as well as opportunities to participate in key research programs.

The advantage of recognition for a job well done.

You didn’t choose the healthcare profession to get applause and accolades. At the same time, it’s important to celebrate worthy efforts. The Guideline Advantage publicly acknowledges participants who achieve high levels of performance, both locally and nationally. Inaugural participants are specifically recognized for their important role as trailblazers in outpatient quality improvement.